Fun with Miss E

When it’s not terribly freezing out but it is still beautifully winter whatever are you to do? Go out and play of course! Miss E and I had a blast at Mendon Ponds playing in the snow, drinking cocoa and visiting with all the local wildlife. What you can’t see in some of these photos is all the deer that decided to come out and see just what she was up to! I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed the adventure!

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – January 25, 2017

In honor of our first real snow fall (more than a dusting)here in Avon, NY, I am posting this throwback to 3 years ago. Locals will recognize this bridge that runs over the Genesee River and begins the Erie Attica Trail. This trail actually runs along a former railroad bed and behind many farm fields. It is a great place to run, walk, bike, cross country ski or even ride horses!

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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – January 25, 2017


Earlier this week, I was feeling a little fed up with sitting inside and couped up due to the overly cold and snowy winter we have had this year. I normally am outside finding all sorts of things to shoot. I have taken to finding things in my house, trying to get my dogs to not lick the camera, anything to be able to shoot daily. So I decide 15 degrees or not, I was going on a field trip!

About a 45 minute ride from my house is the Charlotte Pier on Lake Ontario. It’s always nice to see that area in different seasons, but this year is the first winter I have gone. I had recently tried looking for the Snowy Owls I had heard so much about, not one trace. So I drove out there with the plan on shooting the pier in the snow, maybe get some chunks of ice or snow in the water. I had no real hopes of anything else, just figured I would take it as it came and enjoy the day.

When I arrived I realized, there was about 12-15 inches of snow. I knew there would be a bit, but all up the pier? Well now I was in for a challenge. Normally there were little boat ties in the middle of the walkway, you couldn’t see a thing in the snow. What I thought was great though, was that there wasn’t a footprint or a person in sight. My prints were the only ones and there was nobody there to interrupt in their day or bother on my way.

But then I noticed them, the swans! They were floating in the water, or slush if I am being honest. Yes there were ducks of all different kinds in there as well. But the swans were covered in snow, and their feathers had ice growing from them. Yet they weren’t phased. Some would flap their wings every once in awhile, others would just float along with the heads curled into themselves. They didn’t mind that I was there, even when I walked up to the side and stood admiring. The ducks who weren’t close took off skittishly, obviously not impressed with my arrival. Words can’t express how beautiful these creatures were, but I wondered how they handled being in the water this cold. This winter had to be so harsh for them. It took all I had not to hop in a boat and pull up to them with a blanket and warm them up or clear them off.


Ever seen Jack Frost at sunset?

ImageImage I have been trying lately to freeze bubbles. Given our fridig temperatures in Upstate NY and our lack of exciting things to photograph I thought, why not? Well let me tell you, it isn’t the easiest things to do. The first time, I couldn’t even get any bubbles to form. I even had slush forming in the container. Finally I was able to get one bubble formed, one. I was ready to figure out where it would land and watch it freeze when suddenly it exploded! When I say exploded, I don’t mean it popped either, like normal bubbles do. It burst in mid air and looked more like a small down pillow had been torn in half. I was not happy.
I tried again the next day. This time, it was too windy, bubbles formed but they were flying everywhere and not one of them would stay still. It seems that freezing bubbles was a lot more complicated than I expected.
Then as I walked past my sons bedroom, something caught my eye. FROST! We live in a home built in the 1920’s and the original windows are still in. So we use storm windows every winter. Well a few of the storm windows in my sons room had frost on bottom. You would think the room would be freezing, but it isn’t. I would have never thought that frost could be so beautiful. I couldn’t believe the detail of the frost as it formed on the window. Even more so when I noticed the sun setting behind the frost. I could have sat there taking photos all evening. I guess freezing bubbles will have to wait…..