Living the life of a tween with so much at her feet….

So many interests and only so much time! 😉 Tap dancing, graffiti, hippy love (with a splash of duck lips of course) how can one can go wrong? You can’t look at a photo of Miss L and not smile, or laugh just because this gal is nothing but a big ball of fun. This session doesn’t even begin to cover the things she is interested and very passionate about, she is more than willing to have a conversation about all the things she loves and make you forget that she isn’t even in High School yet!

I have to say as well that while Miss L has a wide variety of interests, she also has a mature sense of the world. While I had the pleasure of spending time with her we not only talked about random preteen topics, but also current events and concerns she had in general of the world she was growing up in. It isn’t often I get to spend time with a tween who is so honest and open about their concern for others. I am not saying that I know a bunch of selfish kids, please don’t misunderstand! However, it seems in the world today, it isn’t the “cool” thing at a young age to openly express boldly what you believe is wrong, dangerous or scary.  I found it very promising that Miss L had no fear in doing so. I believe this one will leave her mark on our world, it is just a matter of time!

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Fun with Miss E

When it’s not terribly freezing out but it is still beautifully winter whatever are you to do? Go out and play of course! Miss E and I had a blast at Mendon Ponds playing in the snow, drinking cocoa and visiting with all the local wildlife. What you can’t see in some of these photos is all the deer that decided to come out and see just what she was up to! I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed the adventure!

Best Friends- E & N

Can I just tell you how much fun this was? Out of all the things these two could choose to do during their session- they choose to bake! It was a great time watching these two in what is obviously their element. They made cookies and Nutella Rice Krispie treats. Sure there were times when chaos erupted- Nutella on noses, cookie dough being eaten, etc but these gals sure know how to have good old fashion fabulous fun!


Best Friends- K, K, B

My second set of Best Friends and these gals are dancers! Not just any sort of dancers, they take things to the extreme. They brought their pointe shoes to our session- so fun paired with jeans! We had a great time exploring the SUNY Geneseo Campus looking for different places to combine with their point shoes but also their matching Converse sneakers. Girls after my own heart there- anyone that knows me well knows that I have my very own collection of them! I hope to get these girls behind my camera another day, such a great time!


Best Friends- M, M & A

Who knew one could have so much fun on a cold fall day? These three young ladies were a riot! They are not just best friends but also neighbors since they were really young. It was fun watching them interact and how much enjoyment they had taunting each other behind the camera while another was in front! 😉 Even funnier was how one of their mothers would randomly break out in a song or something silly, only for all three girls to instantaneously join in! You could tell they all knew just how the others ticked and it was second nature for them to feed off each other. It was an absolute pleasure for me to sit in on this, even if for only a short time!

Are you capturing your child’s Tween Years?


As parents we always want to make sure to capture those important milestones-first smile, first step, first day of Kindergarten, Prom, Graduation, etc But what about those in between years as our children grow? The years when they learn who they are, when they change from the little ones that follow us everywhere and need us for everything but not yet the young adults of High School. This is when their appearances change the most.
fbEmmaglitterseriesI had a blast with Emma recently when we went out toa few sites around Rochester, NY to capture her early teen years. After all who doesn’t love playing with glitter in tutu’s, right? Whether we were at Village Gate or along the Genesee River,  Emma was ready and willing to do what was necessary to get the shot. If you know Emma,  you know that she may be a little shy, but if you gain her trust, she is not only beautiful, but a sweet, intelligent girl willing to give just about anything a try once. For more photos of Emma check out my social media profiles! For a session like this of your own, message me on social media or check out my site at and message me there- I would love to hear from you!