Fall 2016, Soccer, Avon Braves Varsity Season

These boys. ❤ I had the pleasure to be on the field for the home (and a few away) games for the majority of the season taking shots of them in action. I can’t even explain how much heart these guys play with. Not to mention their love for each other. After all, their pre-game ritual is “1-2-3 Family.” From header goals, to so many OT games, to a broken collarbone or even playing on the new turf in the brand new stadium, there were so many memorable moments. I want to thank these Avon Braves for letting me pace up and down the sidelines with them as they made their mark on Avon. Go Braves!

Fall 2016, JV Football, Avon vs Cal-Mum

This past Fall I stopped into the new Avon Braves Stadium to see a JV Football game. It was such a great game to see under some fabulous sunlight. These boys are amazing! Such love and passion for the game and so supportive of one another. Go Braves!

Class of 2017, HFL, Ryan

Meet Ryan! Another soon to be graduate of HFL and hockey player too! He came ready to do whatever was necessary to kill his session. We hadn’t actually met until his session and to say that we were laughing through it all is an understatement. I had a great time with him and his mother- who was a complete riot by the way! I always love to meet parents who are as goofy as I am. 🙂 I am so thankful to Trevor for sending his Best Friend to me, these guys were so much fun to shoot!

Class of 2017, HFL- Trevor

Meet Trevor! This guy was totally unexpected. After talking with Mom, I really thought I would have a Senior guy on my hands that DID NOT enjoy having his photos taken. Much to both Mom & I’s surprise, Trevor was awesome. Not only did totally cooperate but he had some ideas of his own and even entertained his mother and I being goofy. We hit a few different spots to get all that we wanted covered for Trevor, as you can see we have a variety! Unfortunately this guy had to miss his Senior Hockey Season due to hip surgery but rumor has it that Golf Season is going to be on FIRE! Go get ’em Trevor!