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Class of 2018-
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Bailey, Avon- Class of 2015

This Senior was a little different for me. Anyone who knows me knows he is my oldest son. It is definitely a different experience taking Senior photos of your own child! You remember all their firsts- first word, first step, first day of kindergarten, first time on a team, first dance etc. You remember all their greats- having to be brought back to the hospital when his brother was born because he wanted to protect him, report cards, hockey game, getting his passport stamped, swimming great times, lacrosse games, etc. Then you remember their lasts- last day of primary school, last day of middle school, last time wearing “kid” size shoes, last time on the little kid school bus etc. Bailakefarupdate

I am sure Bailey will tell you that when we did his photos I reminded him of many of the memories that were swirling around in my head. It probably didn’t help that we took them at a place we had gone many times with family and created some great memories. But that is why we went, he loves it there. baicanadiceI can’t really put into words how proud I am of all he has done, who he has become and that I get to be his mom. He may drive me crazy at times, (mostly because we are so much alike), but this guy reminds me everyday that a little love and laughter truly can make any day brighter. I am so excited for him to take those first steps into his future and decide what he wants for himself out of life. Yes, I know, I will miss hearing his craziness and possibly even cleaning up after him. But how great will it be to see him put to the test all that he has learned and we as parents have taught him for so long?

baiclosecolorupdateNow on the more serious side, I must admit he was probably one of my more stubborn clients. {insert wink} Baiverycloseupbw

**There you go Bai, I know it was a little more sappy then most Seniors get. But you know I couldn’t resist telling the whole world how amazing I thing you are! 🙂

Liam, Webster-Class of 2015

Liam never stops laughing! I am not kidding you. When we met up to do his Senior Session, his mother actual told me she would be surprised if we could get a serious shot out of him. After knowing Liam for quite a few years, I knew what she meant. You know that kid that always greets you with a smile and a wave, when asked they always had something positive to say about their day? That is always how I have known Liam.
I met Liam when my son started playing hockey on the same team as Liam, his dad was the Coach too. As you may have guessed it was a team full of fun and laughter.

For his Session though Liam brought along someone that I had never met, Ciara, his loyal pup. Boy was she adorable and just as friendly as he is too! Of course, having her along made it all that much more difficult to get Liam to STOP SMILING! But we did it, and boy- can this kid be any more handsome? 



Tyler, Webster-Class of 2015

I have known Tyler for close to a decade – it honestly doesn’t seem that long! Tyler and my son used to play on the same hockey team. I was so honored when his parents chose me to capture his Senior Portraits! Don’t get me wrong, I am always honored and feel very lucky when I am chosen by clients. But if you know Tyler, you know that he is particular about how he likes things and while he isn’t shy, he also doesn’t just act himself around everyone. This was something I had come to learn about Tyler over time. I was very delighted to know I was being trusted.


We had such a good time at a few locations near Lake Ontario. I was so excited that Tyler brought so many extra things to use in his session. From his Varsity jacket, to t-shirts, his goalie stick and even a special shirt his girlfriend had just bought him recently. There were so many options, our choices were endless!
tystickclose I am pretty sure Tyler was convinced I had lost my mind by the time we were done. I had climbed on structures and hung over railings, sometimes I forget that clients aren’t used to photographers antics until I see them laughing at me! tysunshinelake


When I met again with Tyler to show him his session, I was so glad to see how pleased he was with his shots. It always makes me so happy to see clients reactions to how our experience together turns out. Sometimes I have to laugh though, many people just don’t realize how great they look to the rest of us! 


Lyndsey- Rush-Henrietta, Class of 2015

Meet Lyndsey! For her Senior Session this past October,Lyndsey was looking for something with a country feel but with color and variety. We settled on a local park that not only had changing leaves but some brick work, corn fields, and fencing. I was actually forewarned that it may not be easy to get a good smile out of Lyndsey. But I have to say by the time we were finished it was harder to get her to stop smiling!


I had such a fun time laughing with Lyndsey, her best friend, her sister and her mother. We decided to explore a nearby corn field where the sunset was shining into. The light was so gorgeous we just couldn’t resist!


Of course we couldn’t make you think that we didn’t get any seriousness out of our session. How stunning is she is these black and white shots? I just couldn’t pick only one! Yes, you’re welcome. 😉



Maggie- Avon, Class of 2015

maggiewhitewallcloseMeet Maggie! Until I took Maggie’s photos, surprisingly, even in our small town I hadn’t ever met her! But even though we had never met, we had a blast at her session. Maggie is such a fun girl and easy to work with. Broken ankle and all she was willing to walk anywhere we could find great sunlight!
Along with Maggie came her parents and her sweet little pup, Darren. We decided that since Maggie and her parents hadn’t had family photos in over a decade that we had better take advantage of that opportunity! Their family has been through a lot recently and this year will be an exciting one, but it won’t be anything short of challenging for all. So it was only fitting to have them all captured with their smiles on and so much love in theirhearts. Here’s to an amazing Senior year for Maggie, her parents and Darren too!maggiedarrenbenchclose

Chris- Avon, Class of 2015

chrissunbleachersUnlike a lot of my clients, I have known Chris since Kindergarten. He was in my sons class and they have been friends ever since. It really is surreal when you watch someone grow up and then take their Senior Photos! chrislaxbleachersbw
Chris is a four sport Athlete. In fall he’s on the football field, in the winter its on the ice skating or in the pool swimming, and in the spring its back on the grass for lacrosse. He has a competitive spirit and was looking for a session that was fun and would show his passions. I think we accomplished just that-don’t you? Now to make sure that this Senior year is one that he will never forget- Let’s GO BRAVES!footballfacecropped