Fun with Miss E

When it’s not terribly freezing out but it is still beautifully winter whatever are you to do? Go out and play of course! Miss E and I had a blast at Mendon Ponds playing in the snow, drinking cocoa and visiting with all the local wildlife. What you can’t see in some of these photos is all the deer that decided to come out and see just what she was up to! I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed the adventure!

Miss E’s Winter Session

Meet Miss E! She was the lucky winner of a Winter Session that seemed to never come. 😉 Mother Nature apparently had plans on holding out the snow on us until the last minute. FINALLY we had some this past weekend and took full advantage. You have probably seen Miss E in the Swimming and Volleyball posts-I have caught her a few times in her sport activities. This time I had the chance for a little one on one portrait work. It was only 16 degrees and a bit windy, but totally worth it- don’t you think?

Miss S- Rainy day in the City

Not too many girls would voluntarily go out adventuring into the city- but this girl was up for it. We may have choose a rainy and rather windy afternoon but we made it to all the spots on our list-but more! We even had a coffee house included in that list. If you are ever in the Rochester, NY area you MUST stop in to Java’s. The BEST cupcakes and lattes your taste buds could ever ask for.
You may recognize Syd from a few posts back, she joined me on a Best Friend Session. So if you think she looks familiar- that may be why! Or maybe you noticed her in our swimming photos- she is one of our few girls that swim with the boys and have to meet their times. Yes, she is pretty awesome! I am sure you will see here showing up here again! 🙂

Spring in February?

How about this crazy weather? Being someone that doesn’t enjoy the cold, I am not complaining! But because I know that in our area of New York the weather can change at the drop of a hat, Kayla and I took full advantage. We grabbed a tutu, some great balloons and headed off to battle the crazy wind! Mother Nature may have won most of our battles for shots throughout the day but I would say that we won the war. I mean did Kayla kill this shoot or what? So gorgeous!

Best Friends- E & N

Can I just tell you how much fun this was? Out of all the things these two could choose to do during their session- they choose to bake! It was a great time watching these two in what is obviously their element. They made cookies and Nutella Rice Krispie treats. Sure there were times when chaos erupted- Nutella on noses, cookie dough being eaten, etc but these gals sure know how to have good old fashion fabulous fun!


Best Friends- M, M & A

Who knew one could have so much fun on a cold fall day? These three young ladies were a riot! They are not just best friends but also neighbors since they were really young. It was fun watching them interact and how much enjoyment they had taunting each other behind the camera while another was in front! 😉 Even funnier was how one of their mothers would randomly break out in a song or something silly, only for all three girls to instantaneously join in! You could tell they all knew just how the others ticked and it was second nature for them to feed off each other. It was an absolute pleasure for me to sit in on this, even if for only a short time!

Fall 2016, Soccer, Avon Braves Varsity Season

These boys. ❤ I had the pleasure to be on the field for the home (and a few away) games for the majority of the season taking shots of them in action. I can’t even explain how much heart these guys play with. Not to mention their love for each other. After all, their pre-game ritual is “1-2-3 Family.” From header goals, to so many OT games, to a broken collarbone or even playing on the new turf in the brand new stadium, there were so many memorable moments. I want to thank these Avon Braves for letting me pace up and down the sidelines with them as they made their mark on Avon. Go Braves!