Robert- Class of 2018, Avon NY

Robert was the first of my Class of 2018 Seniors to have his session this season. I really didn’t expect him to be to excited or want anything crazy. Anyone that knows Robert, knows that just isn’t his style.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Robert was very cooperative and willing to do what was asked. He even brought along his Varsity jacket in the 85 degree weather, never complaining once about the heat. This made not only me happy, but his mother as well. You see Robert is a very sports oriented guy, especially when it comes to Soccer and Swimming. As you can see on his arm, his Swim team has won their Sectionals just a few times. What you can’t tell is that Robert has been one of the members of their team that made States! Having this included in his session was a great way to capture a big part of who Robert is. I think we were all happy that it wasn’t too hot so we could still capture it.

If you aren’t from Avon you won’t notice that the three locations we visited are all apart of our small town. While close together they were still able to give Robert and his family different looks to their gallery all while representing the place that Robert grew up and where he learned how to play the sports he is now so passionate about.

It was an honor to be a part of this milestone with Robert and his family. I hope that Senior year is amazing and I wish him all the luck in this next journey!


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Fall 2016, Soccer, Avon Braves Varsity Season

These boys. ❤ I had the pleasure to be on the field for the home (and a few away) games for the majority of the season taking shots of them in action. I can’t even explain how much heart these guys play with. Not to mention their love for each other. After all, their pre-game ritual is “1-2-3 Family.” From header goals, to so many OT games, to a broken collarbone or even playing on the new turf in the brand new stadium, there were so many memorable moments. I want to thank these Avon Braves for letting me pace up and down the sidelines with them as they made their mark on Avon. Go Braves!

Fall 2016, JV Football, Avon vs Cal-Mum

This past Fall I stopped into the new Avon Braves Stadium to see a JV Football game. It was such a great game to see under some fabulous sunlight. These boys are amazing! Such love and passion for the game and so supportive of one another. Go Braves!

Class of 2017, Avon, Mychael

Mychael is a student at Avon High School, one that I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting until this year. Normally when I have a Senior Session we get right down to business. Mychael and I had a little bit to talk and walk the area. I was so honored to have this time to talk to him and share stories as well. I had such a delightful morning just discussing with Mychael the things I had learned growing up that I felt changed my life once I left school. I remember thinking how surprised I was to have these discussions with someone I didn’t even know. But by the end of the session, it made total sense. Much like a friend of mine has always said, “sometimes you meet someone that was placed on your path for a purpose, or sometimes they were placed on yours, either way you were destined to meet for someone to learn something.”

These are the days to remember! Avon Braves Modified Game vs Leroy

ImageIt seems as time goes on, it is also picking up speed. Does anyone else feel the same? I swear when my boys were younger, of course there was still no time for sleep or sitting still, but it didn’t go by so fast that you felt as if their childhood was almost over. It’s as if your moments of watching them just be kids is coming to an end. As I sat watching the 7th grade Modified Boys Basketball play, I thought about how so many of them were together in the Primary School gym starting Mini Hoops. (For those not from our area, Mini Hoops is a recreation program to introduce your kids to basketball. They learn drills, shoot and maybe play a pick up game.) These same boys are now halfway through Middle School, some already have hit the teenage milestone. Mini Hoops feels like yesterday, where has time gone?

Not only have some boys hit the teen milestone, but are now becoming part of their school sports teams, attending dances (with dates! yikes!), taking Health class, and making plans with friends that no longer require constant parental supervision. Yes, I know, you are probably telling me to relax, it is just a game- right? But, let me ask you this. If you knew now just how many “just a game” moments you had left before your son or daughter ventured out on their own-what would you do different? Would you make sure not to miss a moment of them, cheer extra loud, sit quietly and savor the moment? I, myself, don’t know the best answer to that question. After all, I have one son who will graduate at the end of next year and I still can’t believe he is in High School! I think for now, the most I can do as the days fly by me, is hold on tight. Grab a hold of every moment that my sons will allow me to be a part of.  I will watch them and their friends learn, grow & develop into the amazing young men they are becoming. Yet I will be thankful that I was here to witness every second.

For what it’s worth, it was a great game. These boys should give us a lot of exciting basketball games in the future. This Mom for one is glad it is only 7th grade……


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