Miss S- Rainy day in the City

Not too many girls would voluntarily go out adventuring into the city- but this girl was up for it. We may have choose a rainy and rather windy afternoon but we made it to all the spots on our list-but more! We even had a coffee house included in that list. If you are ever in the Rochester, NY area you MUST stop in to Java’s. The BEST cupcakes and lattes your taste buds could ever ask for.
You may recognize Syd from a few posts back, she joined me on a Best Friend Session. So if you think she looks familiar- that may be why! Or maybe you noticed her in our swimming photos- she is one of our few girls that swim with the boys and have to meet their times. Yes, she is pretty awesome! I am sure you will see here showing up here again! 🙂

Senior Squad-Sign up today and lets get started!


Class of 2018-
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Class of 2017, Avon, Mychael

Mychael is a student at Avon High School, one that I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting until this year. Normally when I have a Senior Session we get right down to business. Mychael and I had a little bit to talk and walk the area. I was so honored to have this time to talk to him and share stories as well. I had such a delightful morning just discussing with Mychael the things I had learned growing up that I felt changed my life once I left school. I remember thinking how surprised I was to have these discussions with someone I didn’t even know. But by the end of the session, it made total sense. Much like a friend of mine has always said, “sometimes you meet someone that was placed on your path for a purpose, or sometimes they were placed on yours, either way you were destined to meet for someone to learn something.”

Class of 2017, HFL, Ryan

Meet Ryan! Another soon to be graduate of HFL and hockey player too! He came ready to do whatever was necessary to kill his session. We hadn’t actually met until his session and to say that we were laughing through it all is an understatement. I had a great time with him and his mother- who was a complete riot by the way! I always love to meet parents who are as goofy as I am. 🙂 I am so thankful to Trevor for sending his Best Friend to me, these guys were so much fun to shoot!

Class of 2017, HFL- Trevor

Meet Trevor! This guy was totally unexpected. After talking with Mom, I really thought I would have a Senior guy on my hands that DID NOT enjoy having his photos taken. Much to both Mom & I’s surprise, Trevor was awesome. Not only did totally cooperate but he had some ideas of his own and even entertained his mother and I being goofy. We hit a few different spots to get all that we wanted covered for Trevor, as you can see we have a variety! Unfortunately this guy had to miss his Senior Hockey Season due to hip surgery but rumor has it that Golf Season is going to be on FIRE! Go get ’em Trevor!

Jenna- Nazareth Class of 2017

I met this beauty when her father started coaching my oldest sons hockey team. Their family became a second family for us. The kids are like siblings and all of the parents adore them all like their own. I didn’t have the honor of meeting Jenna until she was in High School, but when we talk it is like we have known each other since she was born. We have a great time and when we aren’t laughing we definitely are having some fun conversations. I took Jenna on a different sort of “Senior Session” this past Summer. We went to the Sunken Gardens, the Lamberton Conservatory and of course the Naz Campus. So many great backdrop possibilities! Who knew we would have time for lunch?

Class of 2016, Avon, Jake

Meet Jake, I think it is safe to bet that one day he will be known as Dr. Jake, or Dr. Mesi, not kidding! I have known this guy since he was so young and to see him grow into this amazing young man is beyond words. He not only is sweet, kind and compassionate, he is so smart and has humongous dreams! Jake he wants to be a Neurosurgeon and he wants to go into Research and make a difference for others. Some day I will be able to say I took Senior photos for Dr. Mesi, changer of life as we know it! 😉