Spring in February?

How about this crazy weather? Being someone that doesn’t enjoy the cold, I am not complaining! But because I know that in our area of New York the weather can change at the drop of a hat, Kayla and I took full advantage. We grabbed a tutu, some great balloons and headed off to battle the crazy wind! Mother Nature may have won most of our battles for shots throughout the day but I would say that we won the war. I mean did Kayla kill this shoot or what? So gorgeous!

Playtime Photo Session with the Franks!

I had the honor of meeting and spending the morning with both Miss M and Mr. C yesterday. I arrived with some crazy huge tutu’s and some other fun dress up pieces in tow and was surprised at how fast these two decided they wanted to be my friend! Whether it was twirling in a tutu, scooping up mini marshmallows, having a tea party or transporting Thomas the train, these guys had more than enough room to add a new friend in for play time. What I found even more adorable was that before long they were very interested in just how the camera worked and taking photos of their own. I was pretty impressed at how fast they picked up which were the right buttons to press and where each one would take you.
This adorable shot of Mr. C was taken by Miss M while she figured out my Canon. Pretty great right?


We also talked about how when you are taking photos you don’t always have to smile. That you can still be beautiful without having a smile on your face. Even making goofy faces can make for an adorable and fun photo. Miss M demonstrated that here while doubling as a princess. Even princesses can be a little silly right?


Of course I couldn’t forget to include a rather serious faced Miss M! This is the, “Don’t forget to get a picture with my wand.” Miss M. 🙂

MollyswandThere is also the entire deal- huge tutu, wand and tiara. Princess M!

On top of all the playtime fun, I got to witness these two interact with their mom. She is lucky enough that she can work at home and around their activities so they get all of her, all of the time. This photo of Mr. C shows the love these two have for her and you can see all the joy she gives them just by being present. It was a great morning to spend with such fun personalities and witness so much love in one home. It’s crazy to think that only half the family was home!


Are you capturing your child’s Tween Years?


As parents we always want to make sure to capture those important milestones-first smile, first step, first day of Kindergarten, Prom, Graduation, etc But what about those in between years as our children grow? The years when they learn who they are, when they change from the little ones that follow us everywhere and need us for everything but not yet the young adults of High School. This is when their appearances change the most.
fbEmmaglitterseriesI had a blast with Emma recently when we went out toa few sites around Rochester, NY to capture her early teen years. After all who doesn’t love playing with glitter in tutu’s, right? Whether we were at Village Gate or along the Genesee River,  Emma was ready and willing to do what was necessary to get the shot. If you know Emma,  you know that she may be a little shy, but if you gain her trust, she is not only beautiful, but a sweet, intelligent girl willing to give just about anything a try once. For more photos of Emma check out my social media profiles! For a session like this of your own, message me on social media or check out my site at http://www.carrieeigbrettphotography.com and message me there- I would love to hear from you!



Looking for a photographer to capture your child’s memories?


Look no further! I love working with kids, having fun and capturing the pure joy on their faces.  I am located in the Rochester/Fingerlakes Region and enjoy shooting in natural light and on location. Check out this session I had this summer with one hilarious and witty girl Miss A. 

Miss A not only was up for fun and craziness but even came packed with some creative ideas of her own. I am sure that one day this gal will be going amazing places. I have known her since she was barely up to my hip and able to convince me to run around an indoor track- in high heels no less! I told you she was witty, didn’t I? Well,  let’s just say she is also very convincing. On this particular day both she and her older brother came armed with a routine to display for me – on their trampoline. I can’t even tell you the hilariousness that ensued. There were flips and handshakes,  jumps and solo pieces- pretty much a plot that you had to follow to know what may happen next.

Once the trampoline act was over, we moved on to other things and like I said Miss A had a few ideas of her own. Even when it was time to let others get in front of the camera she loved giving her input on ideas for them. I think one day she may make one heck of an assistant!

Thank you Miss A! I also want to thank her family for letting me capture this beautiful face, not to mention her fabulous personality that is always so fun to be around.

If you would like to have me capture memories for your family- contact me today! Come visit http://www.CarrieEigbrettPhotography.com for more information or to fill out a contact form! I look forward to hearing from you!


What little girl doesn’t love a pink tutu?


I had the honor and privilege to photograph this little cutie, Evelyn (or Evie), and her furry feline siblings this past weekend. We started out on Charlotte Beach playing in the snow. As you can see,  Evie loves to run around with her mom and play. She is so well behaved you would never know that she is barely a year old! As all puppies she is a little excited, but she is easily calmed when asked to perform some tasks.  Personally, I think she was a model in her former life, she seemed to love having her photo taken and would keep looking at me waiting for the shutter to snap. 🙂


We took our session indoors to her home, after all it was only a chilly 19 degrees out and windy! Moving inside allowed Evie to have a change of attire – or two, and for me to capture her siblings too! While I was deciding who to start with Ernie walked right up to me, sat down and waited, he was ready for his spotlight.  Once he was finished he walked away. I couldn’t help but laugh, what cat not only likes to have their photo taken, but approaches you for his turn and waits patiently?


Miss Emma, in black, orange and white was a little more shy but she didn’t mind my lens being close by. I had such a fun time with these cuties, especially watching how much Evie would let her mommy do with her. She did not mind one bit I think that her shirt, “Mommy’s Angel, ” say it all!