Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Big, Small & New

One of my favorite moments from our MT vacation the summer of 2015. As we were stuck in Bison traffic, this was happening a car ahead. I was that crazy tourist that leaned out of their car upside down to capture the moment and not disturb Momma and baby. Crazy, yes -but it worked right? 🙂 Shortly after the two were separated for a moment and you could hear them calling to one another until they found each other. Such sweet moments, Yellowstone National Park truly is magical if you can respect the rules given for your safety.
Once I saw that Cee had a Fun Foto Challenge that themed the Big, Small & New I knew just what photo fit that bill to a “T”…Big Momma, Small and New baby…all Bison of course! Thanks for stopping by! ❤
Check out more of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge here:
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Big and Small



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