Playtime Photo Session with the Franks!

I had the honor of meeting and spending the morning with both Miss M and Mr. C yesterday. I arrived with some crazy huge tutu’s and some other fun dress up pieces in tow and was surprised at how fast these two decided they wanted to be my friend! Whether it was twirling in a tutu, scooping up mini marshmallows, having a tea party or transporting Thomas the train, these guys had more than enough room to add a new friend in for play time. What I found even more adorable was that before long they were very interested in just how the camera worked and taking photos of their own. I was pretty impressed at how fast they picked up which were the right buttons to press and where each one would take you.
This adorable shot of Mr. C was taken by Miss M while she figured out my Canon. Pretty great right?


We also talked about how when you are taking photos you don’t always have to smile. That you can still be beautiful without having a smile on your face. Even making goofy faces can make for an adorable and fun photo. Miss M demonstrated that here while doubling as a princess. Even princesses can be a little silly right?


Of course I couldn’t forget to include a rather serious faced Miss M! This is the, “Don’t forget to get a picture with my wand.” Miss M. 🙂

MollyswandThere is also the entire deal- huge tutu, wand and tiara. Princess M!

On top of all the playtime fun, I got to witness these two interact with their mom. She is lucky enough that she can work at home and around their activities so they get all of her, all of the time. This photo of Mr. C shows the love these two have for her and you can see all the joy she gives them just by being present. It was a great morning to spend with such fun personalities and witness so much love in one home. It’s crazy to think that only half the family was home!



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