Bailey, Avon- Class of 2015

This Senior was a little different for me. Anyone who knows me knows he is my oldest son. It is definitely a different experience taking Senior photos of your own child! You remember all their firsts- first word, first step, first day of kindergarten, first time on a team, first dance etc. You remember all their greats- having to be brought back to the hospital when his brother was born because he wanted to protect him, report cards, hockey game, getting his passport stamped, swimming great times, lacrosse games, etc. Then you remember their lasts- last day of primary school, last day of middle school, last time wearing “kid” size shoes, last time on the little kid school bus etc. Bailakefarupdate

I am sure Bailey will tell you that when we did his photos I reminded him of many of the memories that were swirling around in my head. It probably didn’t help that we took them at a place we had gone many times with family and created some great memories. But that is why we went, he loves it there. baicanadiceI can’t really put into words how proud I am of all he has done, who he has become and that I get to be his mom. He may drive me crazy at times, (mostly because we are so much alike), but this guy reminds me everyday that a little love and laughter truly can make any day brighter. I am so excited for him to take those first steps into his future and decide what he wants for himself out of life. Yes, I know, I will miss hearing his craziness and possibly even cleaning up after him. But how great will it be to see him put to the test all that he has learned and we as parents have taught him for so long?

baiclosecolorupdateNow on the more serious side, I must admit he was probably one of my more stubborn clients. {insert wink} Baiverycloseupbw

**There you go Bai, I know it was a little more sappy then most Seniors get. But you know I couldn’t resist telling the whole world how amazing I thing you are! 🙂


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