Liam, Webster-Class of 2015

Liam never stops laughing! I am not kidding you. When we met up to do his Senior Session, his mother actual told me she would be surprised if we could get a serious shot out of him. After knowing Liam for quite a few years, I knew what she meant. You know that kid that always greets you with a smile and a wave, when asked they always had something positive to say about their day? That is always how I have known Liam.
I met Liam when my son started playing hockey on the same team as Liam, his dad was the Coach too. As you may have guessed it was a team full of fun and laughter.

For his Session though Liam brought along someone that I had never met, Ciara, his loyal pup. Boy was she adorable and just as friendly as he is too! Of course, having her along made it all that much more difficult to get Liam to STOP SMILING! But we did it, and boy- can this kid be any more handsome?Ā 




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