Tyler, Webster-Class of 2015

I have known Tyler for close to a decade – it honestly doesn’t seem that long! Tyler and my son used to play on the same hockey team. I was so honored when his parents chose me to capture his Senior Portraits! Don’t get me wrong, I am always honored and feel very lucky when I am chosen by clients. But if you know Tyler, you know that he is particular about how he likes things and while he isn’t shy, he also doesn’t just act himself around everyone. This was something I had come to learn about Tyler over time. I was very delighted to know I was being trusted.


We had such a good time at a few locations near Lake Ontario. I was so excited that Tyler brought so many extra things to use in his session. From his Varsity jacket, to t-shirts, his goalie stick and even a special shirt his girlfriend had just bought him recently. There were so many options, our choices were endless!
tystickclose I am pretty sure Tyler was convinced I had lost my mind by the time we were done. I had climbed on structures and hung over railings, sometimes I forget that clients aren’t used to photographers antics until I see them laughing at me! tysunshinelake


When I met again with Tyler to show him his session, I was so glad to see how pleased he was with his shots. It always makes me so happy to see clients reactions to how our experience together turns out. Sometimes I have to laugh though, many people just don’t realize how great they look to the rest of us! 



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