Lyndsey- Rush-Henrietta, Class of 2015

Meet Lyndsey! For her Senior Session this past October,Lyndsey was looking for something with a country feel but with color and variety. We settled on a local park that not only had changing leaves but some brick work, corn fields, and fencing. I was actually forewarned that it may not be easy to get a good smile out of Lyndsey. But I have to say by the time we were finished it was harder to get her to stop smiling!


I had such a fun time laughing with Lyndsey, her best friend, her sister and her mother. We decided to explore a nearby corn field where the sunset was shining into. The light was so gorgeous we just couldn’t resist!


Of course we couldn’t make you think that we didn’t get any seriousness out of our session. How stunning is she is these black and white shots? I just couldn’t pick only one! Yes, you’re welcome. 😉




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