Maggie- Avon, Class of 2015

maggiewhitewallcloseMeet Maggie! Until I took Maggie’s photos, surprisingly, even in our small town I hadn’t ever met her! But even though we had never met, we had a blast at her session. Maggie is such a fun girl and easy to work with. Broken ankle and all she was willing to walk anywhere we could find great sunlight!
Along with Maggie came her parents and her sweet little pup, Darren. We decided that since Maggie and her parents hadn’t had family photos in over a decade that we had better take advantage of that opportunity! Their family has been through a lot recently and this year will be an exciting one, but it won’t be anything short of challenging for all. So it was only fitting to have them all captured with their smiles on and so much love in theirhearts. Here’s to an amazing Senior year for Maggie, her parents and Darren too!maggiedarrenbenchclose


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