Kara-Avon, Class of 2015

blogkarahorsecloseKara is a true country girl at heart.There are so many people out there that try to adhere the “Country” term to their lifestyle. I have to say while I appreciate it, living in a small country town. I can’t say that many girls I know are as true to the definition as Kara is. After all how many girls do you know not only hunt whitetail deer, but gut and skin the deer as well? Not to mention go fishing and have been known to kiss that fish before releasing it. Did I mention she likes to go frog hunting and isn’t afraid to pick up a snake? So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Kara is looking into the DEC as her future home for a career. ButΒ Kara isn’t all tomboy and woodsy. She likes her fair share of the girly stuff like make up, curling irons and cowboy boots lined in pink.

For her Senior Session, Kara took me to her Aunt’s farm in York. It was the perfect place for her complete with horses, calves, bales of straw, and the perfect front porch to relax on. Thank you Kara for choosing me to capture these memories for you! I had a great time with you and I hope you enjoyed it as well. Enjoy your Senior year, it will fly by fast!




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