Looking for a photographer to capture your child’s memories?


Look no further! I love working with kids, having fun and capturing the pure joy on their faces.  I am located in the Rochester/Fingerlakes Region and enjoy shooting in natural light and on location. Check out this session I had this summer with one hilarious and witty girl Miss A. 

Miss A not only was up for fun and craziness but even came packed with some creative ideas of her own. I am sure that one day this gal will be going amazing places. I have known her since she was barely up to my hip and able to convince me to run around an indoor track- in high heels no less! I told you she was witty, didn’t I? Well,  let’s just say she is also very convincing. On this particular day both she and her older brother came armed with a routine to display for me – on their trampoline. I can’t even tell you the hilariousness that ensued. There were flips and handshakes,  jumps and solo pieces- pretty much a plot that you had to follow to know what may happen next.

Once the trampoline act was over, we moved on to other things and like I said Miss A had a few ideas of her own. Even when it was time to let others get in front of the camera she loved giving her input on ideas for them. I think one day she may make one heck of an assistant!

Thank you Miss A! I also want to thank her family for letting me capture this beautiful face, not to mention her fabulous personality that is always so fun to be around.

If you would like to have me capture memories for your family- contact me today! Come visit http://www.CarrieEigbrettPhotography.com for more information or to fill out a contact form! I look forward to hearing from you!



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