What little girl doesn’t love a pink tutu?


I had the honor and privilege to photograph this little cutie, Evelyn (or Evie), and her furry feline siblings this past weekend. We started out on Charlotte Beach playing in the snow. As you can see,  Evie loves to run around with her mom and play. She is so well behaved you would never know that she is barely a year old! As all puppies she is a little excited, but she is easily calmed when asked to perform some tasks.  Personally, I think she was a model in her former life, she seemed to love having her photo taken and would keep looking at me waiting for the shutter to snap. 🙂


We took our session indoors to her home, after all it was only a chilly 19 degrees out and windy! Moving inside allowed Evie to have a change of attire – or two, and for me to capture her siblings too! While I was deciding who to start with Ernie walked right up to me, sat down and waited, he was ready for his spotlight.  Once he was finished he walked away. I couldn’t help but laugh, what cat not only likes to have their photo taken, but approaches you for his turn and waits patiently?


Miss Emma, in black, orange and white was a little more shy but she didn’t mind my lens being close by. I had such a fun time with these cuties, especially watching how much Evie would let her mommy do with her. She did not mind one bit I think that her shirt, “Mommy’s Angel, ” say it all!



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