These are the days to remember! Avon Braves Modified Game vs Leroy

ImageIt seems as time goes on, it is also picking up speed. Does anyone else feel the same? I swear when my boys were younger, of course there was still no time for sleep or sitting still, but it didn’t go by so fast that you felt as if their childhood was almost over. It’s as if your moments of watching them just be kids is coming to an end. As I sat watching the 7th grade Modified Boys Basketball play, I thought about how so many of them were together in the Primary School gym starting Mini Hoops. (For those not from our area, Mini Hoops is a recreation program to introduce your kids to basketball. They learn drills, shoot and maybe play a pick up game.) These same boys are now halfway through Middle School, some already have hit the teenage milestone. Mini Hoops feels like yesterday, where has time gone?

Not only have some boys hit the teen milestone, but are now becoming part of their school sports teams, attending dances (with dates! yikes!), taking Health class, and making plans with friends that no longer require constant parental supervision. Yes, I know, you are probably telling me to relax, it is just a game- right? But, let me ask you this. If you knew now just how many “just a game” moments you had left before your son or daughter ventured out on their own-what would you do different? Would you make sure not to miss a moment of them, cheer extra loud, sit quietly and savor the moment? I, myself, don’t know the best answer to that question. After all, I have one son who will graduate at the end of next year and I still can’t believe he is in High School! I think for now, the most I can do as the days fly by me, is hold on tight. Grab a hold of every moment that my sons will allow me to be a part of.  I will watch them and their friends learn, grow & develop into the amazing young men they are becoming. Yet I will be thankful that I was here to witness every second.

For what it’s worth, it was a great game. These boys should give us a lot of exciting basketball games in the future. This Mom for one is glad it is only 7th grade……


For the photos in the collage & more Avon Braves Sport photos see my Facebook fanpage at



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