Ever seen Jack Frost at sunset?

ImageImage I have been trying lately to freeze bubbles. Given our fridig temperatures in Upstate NY and our lack of exciting things to photograph I thought, why not? Well let me tell you, it isn’t the easiest things to do. The first time, I couldn’t even get any bubbles to form. I even had slush forming in the container. Finally I was able to get one bubble formed, one. I was ready to figure out where it would land and watch it freeze when suddenly it exploded! When I say exploded, I don’t mean it popped either, like normal bubbles do. It burst in mid air and looked more like a small down pillow had been torn in half. I was not happy.
I tried again the next day. This time, it was too windy, bubbles formed but they were flying everywhere and not one of them would stay still. It seems that freezing bubbles was a lot more complicated than I expected.
Then as I walked past my sons bedroom, something caught my eye. FROST! We live in a home built in the 1920’s and the original windows are still in. So we use storm windows every winter. Well a few of the storm windows in my sons room had frost on bottom. You would think the room would be freezing, but it isn’t. I would have never thought that frost could be so beautiful. I couldn’t believe the detail of the frost as it formed on the window. Even more so when I noticed the sun setting behind the frost. I could have sat there taking photos all evening. I guess freezing bubbles will have to wait…..


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