Who knew trinkets could be so fun?

fbfatherchristmasdirtydognotbwย Every year at Christmas, my Mother-in-law gives everyone a stocking. Yes, everyone-her grandkids, her kids, their spouse-everyone. Each year she fills it with little things that you can use throughout the year on a daily basis. This year I opened up a small box, maybe two inches on the longest size. Inside was an itty bitty little Father Christmas. I immediately knew what I needed to do with him! I needed this guy for a photo shoot of EPIC proportions. Problem was, even though we are in Upstate NY, we had no snow. So, I waited.

Then it happened. New Years Eve we had a dusting, but New Years Day back at my Mother-in-laws she had maybe an inch. But it was all I needed for Father Christmas to come to life! I took him outside, stood him on a picnic table facing an area in the yard with an area of little distractions. I was so happy with him, even when I pulled him up in Photoshop I really didn’t have much to do with him. I am sure that I will think of a few more things to do with him and save them for next holiday season. I may even use this shot for next years holiday cards, who knows. One thing I do know is that now- I am on the hunt for more trinkets! Any suggestions? Comment below and let me know- maybe your idea will be in a future blog post!


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