My Story…

profile pic3While I haven’t always been as obsessed with being behind the camera as I have the last few years, I have always had a love for photos. I remember having a 110 film camera when I wasn’t even in middle school yet and wanting to take pictures of everything. I remember it was blue with rubbery yellow attachments on the ends, it wasn’t your standard camera and didn’t scream, “Serious photographer!” I can’t tell you to this day what I was able to develop from it, but I can tell you I used it enough that I was eventually given a 35mm.  Of course I also grew up in the Rochester, NY area. For those of you that don’t know, the city is home to the Eastman Kodak Company and for many, many years was the pride of the city. 

I remember my aunt that had this amazing sofa table. It was so full of photos spanning across a lifetime. To see them all you had to stand in front of it and  feed through them all with your eyes, careful not to knock any over or the entire masterpiece would topple.  It was amazing, like a visual novel of the lives of those whose paths crossed hers.  I had many family members who were much the same with photos, they treated them as treasures. Each person collecting them in their own way, sharing them however they saw fit.  Most photos were consistently displayed for all to see whenever they were to enter a home, but then there were some that held theirs sacred, only to be shared on special occasions. As I got older I started my own collection, some on display, some kept sacred, all depending on what and who was in the photo. 

Then I was married, and more photo traditions arose. My mother-in-law and her mother had their own way of collecting and sharing. While they wanted their photos to be displayed and seen by all, they also wanted to have additional copies made for those that were part of those photos. This way, they too could treasure the moment for just a little bit longer.

A short time later I became a mother. It was then I realized that the only way to feel as if you could somehow keep you child from growing up, was to take their picture. It really was your only proof that they were once tiny, experienced a certain place, or held a certain expression. All this time I had been using a 35mm, but once I had my two boys I had gotten a Nikon Coolpix. I didn’t have the time to learn the things that the camera could do.  At some point I also had a Kodak EasyShare Camera. All this time I was printing and printing 4×6’s. I attempted scrapbooking- still have boxes full of supplies. I acquired so many frames and had photos all over the house and even more in boxes. 

Of course, a few years later, came the day that my phone died and my husband convinced me to get an iphone. I  learned there were social media apps like Instagram and lenses that you could magnetically attach to your iphone. Now I could not only take photos anywhere I was without any extra devices but I could take them with a fisheye, macro or a wide angle lens on my phone! Granted an iphone photo still doesn’t compare to a top of the line camera, but if you do it right you can get some great photos!

Then two Christmas’s ago I opened one of my favorite Christmas gifts of all time. My Canon Rebel T3i. I have been in love ever since. I don’t often leave my house without it, I am not even kidding. Ask my boys.  I can’t tell you the things I have seen in my mind that I have been able to make a reality with that camera. I have recently been sharing some of these visions on my Facebook photography page and the responses I have seen have just amazed me. They make me smile and bring me to tears of happiness.  I love that there are other people that can enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. But that is what leads us to today. Just two years after receiving that camera, I have decided to start doing more than just “hanging out” with it.  I am finally creating a business centered around my photography in hopes to bring others the happiness that it brings to me. So if you are still reading, THANK YOU, for being here, I hope you will enjoy what you see! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I would also love if you would just say “hello!” and let me know that you are here. After all, it is because of you all that I am beginning this journey. 


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